In 1978, Dr. Kassem Alom arrived to the UAE, ready to set up his own practice in what was then a frontier market. Little did he know that this was a step in a journey that would see him lay down one of the keystones of the health care system in the UAE – the Al Noor Hospitals Group (Al Noor).


One of his patients invited Dr. Kassem to visit him in the UAE, and during this visit, he saw the need for a new medical system. As one of the emirate’s first specialists, he was the 90th registered doctor in the entire country. In 1985, driven by the desire to help more patients than he could treat in his private clinic and fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Kassem founded Al Noor.


Motivated by his deep passion for improving people’s lives and for creating employment, Dr. Kassem grew Al Noor into the largest healthcare company in Abu Dhabi. In June 2013, the listing of the Al Noor on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange cemented Al Noor’s position as one of the region’s leading businesses. Dr. Kassem founded Kasamar Holdings after Al Noor was acquired by a large, international hospital group, in early 2016, making it a FTSE 100 company.


Along the way, he has been appointed to the Supreme Council of the Ministry of Health and is one of a few expatriates to be voted onto the board of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Kasamar is an Abu Dhabi-based family office focused on investing in regional private equity, and global real estate and public securities.

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